Collection Needs

Just making a post for stuff that I'm looking for my collection. Please note these are not my images. If you took them and would prefer I don't use them, please let me know!


Rotom Pokemon Kids

Just need Clear Rotom Kid:

Rotom Zukans

(All of them)

Rotom Charm Set

(All of them on the card would be great)

Pokemon Chou-Gets:

HAVE: Clear Standard Rotom, Clear Heat Rotom.

2013 Rubber Keychains

2013 Figures


2008 Charm

Any of the 2013 Plush (minus Mowtom)

Throw Pokeball w/Plush Rotom (I'm not even sure this actuall exists lol)

Rotom folders

Pokemon Platinum Rotom Form inserts (minus Frosty)

Regular, Heat, Wash and Fan Rotom Retsuden stamps

Rotom can badges

Mow, Heat, Wash and Fan Rotom Pan stickers


Really, any of the Rotom Collection stuff would be great minus the cup. I want it all so badddddd. Sunyshore has pics of all of the stuff

Jakks Rotom Single pack

Rotom Bath Salt figure

-TCG Platinum Rising Rivals Mini Binder
-The Rotom wrapper from Rising Rivals
-One (or a few!) of the card sleeves with Rotom's Silhouette on them.

Rotom DP Era Dice:

(Features Prinplup, Roserade, Palkia, Snover and Combee on the other sides)


Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie TCG Pins :

Xerneas and Yveltal Pins

Mega Charizard X and Y pins:

Primal Kyogre Pin:


KFC/Taco Bell Dratini and Vulpix (looking for them with the tags on them too)

ya ok

Uh hi there, Im Ben, although I usually go by spyroflame0487...but apparently someone (or maybe me?) used that username an eternity ago and it got deleted so now I'm FrankthePug0487. (You can find me on reddit with the FrankthePug username though!)

I've been a big fan and collector of Pokemon for a very, very long time. I watched the anime when it first premiered, I collected the cards, and Yellow was my first game. Since then I've been collecting stuff forever, so my collection is massive, and I'm always interested in adding new things to it....mostly Rotom, since he's my favorite Pokemon.

I uh...i've never used livejournal before so this is going to be a learning experience